Solar Water Heater – OMEX // 3 Year Warranty: Best for Domestic


Omex Solar water heater converts sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar collector.  3 years warranty

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Omex Tankless Solar Water Heater


Tankless solar water heaters also known as Integral Collector
Storage systems, are very similar in design and operation to the flat plate
panel collector. In an integral collector storage system, the collector and
tank are combined into one single unit. OMEX Tankless solar water heaters are
one of the simplest solar hot water heating systems available and very easy to
install, unlike conventional solar water heaters.

OMEX tankless solar water heaters, are made up five tubes /
tanks of diameter 135 mm which are selective coated and packed inside an
insulated glazed weather tight box. Cold water flows under normal water
pressure into the solar collector, which heats and stores the water. Capacity
of OMEX tankless solar water heater is 140 ltr and in case of more hot water
requirements, more than one heaters can be combined to obtain desired capacity.

The main advantage of a tank less solar water heater is that
they do not need much maintenance and OMEX tankless solar heaters are best
suited for warmer climates, for example in Oman. These can be fitted with a



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