Anti Radiation & Battery Salvage Chip


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    Anti Radiation Chip

    A thin golden sticky slice made of materials that reduce harmful electromagnetic emissions.

    Attach it to your mobile phone or any electrical device, to reduce the harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by it by 97.17%

    If you want to create a clean environment from electromagnetic pollutants emitted from Internet routers and communication towers

    You can simply paste it on what you want to reduce charges.

    This applies to all other electrical appliances in your home, such as:



    Internet router

    Laptop or hard disk

    Play Station

    Computer screen

    Mobile shippers





    Washing machine etc..,

    To save your body from emissions that are incompatible with the nature of our bodies

    That causes headache, insomnia and lack of concentration

    Benefits of using Anti Radiation Chip 

    Reduces the absorption of electromagnetic radiation waves

    Reducing mobile phone radiation injuries to your brain by 97.17%.

    • Extend the battery life of your mobile phone or laptop 2 to 3 times.

    • Charging period speeds up 50 percent

    And always remember that we are constantly striving to provide everything that fills your life with greater health and goodness.


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